The National Criminal Defense College has been engaged in the highest level of skills-based training in the country for over thirty years.  Our incredibly gifted faculty selflessly shares their ideas, experiences and feedback with every participant who steps through our doors.  Your donation in any amount is welcome!

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In 1985, the National Criminal Defense College was established under the leadership of Deryl Dantzler and she held the position of Dean for thirty years.  In honor of her devotion to the College, The Deryl Dantzler Scholarship Fund was created to continue the thirty-year tradition of offering scholarships to participants in need. 

Many have donated to this Fund and to other scholarship funds in the past. These donations have made it possible for so many students to attend the Trial Practice Institute who might not otherwise have had the opportunity.

In fact, each year a substantial number of students attend the TPI on full or partial scholarships made possible by our donors. These students take the lessons learned during their time at NCDC back to their firms, their offices, and most importantly, their clients.

A full scholarship for the Summer Trial Practice Institute includes $2,500 for tuition and $775 in housing fees for a shared double room. We are pleased to accept donations as small as $20 and as large as $10,000. Your contribution, however large or small, is tax deductible. Scholarships may be designated to honor or remember any person and recipients may be restricted by geography, membership, type of practice or other attribute.

If you would like to turn the Trial Practice Institute into a reality for one of our participants, please consider donating to the Deryl Dantzler Scholarship Fund.

The message of the National Criminal Defense College will live on in each of these students—thanks in no small part to you.  Please support NCDC by clicking on the DONATE button below.

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In addition to the Deryl Dantzler Scholarship Fund, the National Criminal Defense College is privileged to partner with a number of other organizations to provide scholarships for Trial Practice Institute Participants.  We have two national level scholarships in addition those funded by state criminal defense organizations.

National Level Scholarships

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) provides scholarship support for the NCDC Trial Practice Institute each year.  NACDL conducts a competitive scholarship application  process which requires a separate application.  Information about NACDL's scholarship funding can be found on their website.  

The American College of Trial Lawyers (ACTL) provides a generous donation which enables NCDC to grant scholarships to Trial Practice Institute applicants who demonstrate a financial need and an outstanding commitment to criminal defense.  This scholarship is administered directly by NCDC.

State Level Scholarships

We are also extremely grateful to the following state organizations and groups which provide scholarship support for NCDC Trial Practice Institute participants.

Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association:  Scholarship funds donated by the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and awarded to an ACDLA member.

The Al Horne Scholarship from the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (honoring the late Al Horn, a founding member of GACDL):  It is awarded in varying amounts to 4-5  GACDL members each year.

Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers:  Scholarship for two TPI participants from Kansas chosen by the organization to receive full tuition and housing.

Camille Gravel Scholarship Fund:  Scholarship founded in honor of the late political and legal giant Camille Gravel out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Administered in cooperation with the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Certain eligibility requirements apply.

Committee for Public Counsel for lawyers providing indigent defense in Massachusetts.  This organization funds two to three lawyers from Massachusetts who provide indigent defense.

Fiedler Fund of Nebraska (in honor of the late Don Fiedler):  Four participants are selected each year and fully funded for all expenses to attend the Trial Practice Institute.  

The Washoe County Group of Nevada awards two public defenders in Washoe County, Nevada full tuition and housing expenses.

Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice awards full tuition and housing funds to one Nevada attorney.

The New Mexico Group, funded by private donations to pay for free tuition and housing for a lawyer from that state.

Friends of the Indigent in Cincinnati, Ohio, a privately funded scholarship started by TPI alumni in Cincinnati who were in the same group at the College.  They found the experience so impactful that they wanted to “pay it forward.”  The scholarship is awarded to both private and public defense counsel.  Private defense counsel are not only provided with tuition and housing, but also receive a $2000 stipend to offset lost earnings during the program.

Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association:  Provides $500 tuition credit to two member participants.

Tarman Dauphin County Bar Foundation of Pennsylvania:  Awards full tuition and housing expenses to a Pennsylvania lawyer.

Rhode Island Criminal Defense Lawyers Association William Reilly Scholarship:  Two Rhode Island lawyers are selected to attend the Trial Practice Institute with full expenses for tuition and housing.

The Alexandria Group:  This is a privately funded scholarship consisting of donations from individuals committed to financing the Trial Practice Institute experience for lawyers from Virginia who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers:  Full tuition and housing expenses awarded to a WACDL member.

Federal Defenders of Eastern Washington & Idaho:  A CJA Panel Attorney and public defender awarded full tuition and housing expenses.

Eigel Memorial Fund of Wisconsin:  An attorney from Wisconsin is awarded full tuition and housing expenses funded by private donations.  Tom Eigel was an attorney at the Wisconsin State Public Defender Milwaukee trial office who died in a tragic car accident in the early 1990's.  A scholarship fund was started in his name to fund lawyers in the Wisconsin Public Defender to attend NCDC.  

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