What people are saying about NCDC

"I previously fought in court, as a competitor, never wanting to lose, and that drive remains, but it has changed.  Now I fight as a soldier.  I fight on the front lines, as I always have, against mistreatment, abuse, and all that is done in the name of justice, in violation of so many rights.  But now I know what I am fighting for.  Never have I felt such a connection to my clients."

“NCDC provided me with the opportunity to explore my trial advocacy skills, and in the end provided me with the confidence I did not have prior to the college. Having little prior experience in the courtroom, NCDC provided an excellent foundation for defending the accused.”

“This was the best training experience of my career. I feel truly blessed to have been here these past two weeks. I am forever changed for the better.”

“This experience has been remarkable. I truly feel that I could pick up the phone two years from now and call anyone from here to bounce an idea off of them. The family atmosphere is superb. The responses, critiques, and encouragement are awesome (see the trilogy)! I am blessed to be a part of the NCDC family. Thank you for everything!!!”

"The program was excellent.  It was thought-provoking and fun.  I am a better attorney for coming to the program, but also a better person.  Thank you."

"This college was amazing.  It was hard work but the payoff will be huge for myself but more importantly for my clients.  The staff, instructors, and the set-up was top notch.  I would recommend this to anyone I know who wants to be a true defender.  Thanks for everything!!!"

"Simply put, the best substantive and trial advocacy training I have ever attended - no lie.  The caliber of instruction was second to none, the actors brought realism and added difficulty to the exercises, and the guidance/mentorship was constant and sincere.  This course also challenged my pre-conceived ideas about what effective advocacy looks like, and how I think about the justice system, race, and my ownbias."

"This is a great program and I am excited to take the skills home to defend and protect my clients—and tell their story."

"This has been a life-changing experience for me.  I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time.  I started with an extreme nervous energy, and ended without it.  The things I learned were very valuable.  The faculty was great.  But most importantly, probably the most valuable contribution to the progress I made came from the friends in my group. I now have close friends that will last a lifetime."

"I had an amazing two weeks.  Not only did I learn new skills, hone my own practice, and get the opportunity to take risks in a consequence-free environment, but I met 7 amazing people that I will stay in touch with the rest of my life.  The faculty were knowledgeable and passionate and genuinely cared about making each of us better attorneys.  Thank you for the opportunities these two weeks provided and for making me a better criminal defense attorney."

"This experience has changed my life, as promised.  The quality of the programming and instruction are incomparable.  Learned more here than I thought possible. I'm going to practice differently from this day forward.  The hard part to describe is how wonderful, kind, caring, and lovely most of the people attending and teaching are.  I've gotten closer to a handful in two weeks than many of my life-long friends."